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Two 4 One - Daily Paintings #15 & #16

Daily Painting #15 - 3 watercolour sketches.

I guess I can club these together in one post, they are preliminary sketches for classes I have taught this term in my Adult Education work. We have looked a lot at tone this term, painting form tonal drawings and sketches then transferring them to colour. I like this way of working, it is always good to come back to tonal practice looking at shade & highlights.

I have decided to hang the sketches on my studio wall, I quite like this, and wish I had done it sooner. I demo in all my classes and have a lot of sketches in portfolios and mounts. I think hanging them on the wall has given me ideas for my stall when I go back out and sell at my next event..... It could be effective...

I love sketches more than the finished painting sometimes, maybe when a sketch becomes a painting it gets more serious... sometimes the energy in a sketch can be lost in a painting, this can happen a lot with any artist. So I will have a sketchy section now in my little studio.... which I'm beginning to need a bigger one. I am certainly starting to outgrow this little room at the back of the house. A plan of a new garden studio is now becoming more urgent...... :)

Daily Painting #16 - The Ribbon Tower

This painting is again prep for my Adult Ed classes this week were we will be looking at Glastonbury Festival. The Ribbon Tower is probably one of the most iconic images from the festival, however there are so many.

This painting is oil on wood panel, which I have enjoyed using. In fact I have some lovely cradled birch panels in my little studio waiting to be painted on over the summer. Oil and wood seem made for each other and it's definitely a surface I will be using more of.

As a teacher I want my oil painters to experience the feel of painting on wood, this is one of a few images they will have to choose from, or even bring in their own.

Nice, Im looking forward to painting on that birch....... soon...

I have never been to Glastonbury, although everyone I know has!! well some of them... It is something I yearned to do when I was younger, mainly to see the art. The festival is different now though, kids getting out of their heads, too many people and those loos! I'm too old now. Although I have heard people stay in hotels and glamp, so its a bit posher :)

I guess its an experience to tick off the bucket list, but something tells me I wish I had been those that got in for free climbing the fence (like my partner), seeing proper music, rock stars, guitars, proper musicians.

I always thought the 90's for me would have been the best time to go, maybe I have missed my chance....

Any..... I digress... onwards to my next paintings.

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