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Rain Stopped Play!...... #21 Daily Painting

Sunday Morning, lovely..... new Pochade box, new tripod (third one lucky! but that's another story), my oil paints, canvas and everything I need for a spot of Plein air in the garden.

Starting with the background and tones I mixed greys and green greys, loving my new Pochade and revelling in its efficiency! Oh how all painting should be like this, at one with nature, in the summer sunshine with all the gear.......

Then a spot then another and then some more.... slowly the rain came.... not liking landing on my oil mixes and my oil mixes not liking the rain landing on them either!


Boo! I was just getting into that, just starting to get some lighter greens in and thinking to myself, this is a good start.

I stayed out there for as long as I could, not worrying about getting a little wet, but the rain was persistent... stopping my play.

Me and my new Pochade, with tripod came inside.

Ready by the studio door for another day, but looking at the weather forecast on my phone.... when? I mean, it's July right? Where has the summer gone? Not happy,

not happy at all.

I am told August/Sept promises better weather, this I do hope will be true, fingers crossed, arms crossed, legs crossed, everything crossed.

Tomorrow is another day, I hope to get out again and add more to my good start and finish my first Plein air painting with my new Pochade box (and tripod).

Instead, today became an Admin day.... sorting emails, sending emails, sorting workshops, which all needs to be done. All is not lost.......

Please!.. sun if you're listening... please come say hello tomorrow....... from a very frustrated artist who wants to play.

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