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Daily Paintings #6 & #7

Daily Painting #6

'Mum and Me' oil on canvas board.

Tricky this one, I struggled with it all day, wiped it clean once and started again. I'm not sure if this has worked and I blame the reference photo, but then I would. I asked my partner and he really liked it, said it was good, so I decided to include it in my blog...... It's growing on me....

I think I need to look at tone and colour values, maybe paint a black and white picture to help me work out values and light. It's cute and woolly and a learning curve. We learn all the time no matter what experience we have. Ironically the paintings I'm not too keen on tend to sell so hey ho you never know.

Daily Painting #7

'Moongazer' Watercolour and Gold Leaf.

I have painted in watercolour today to prepare for my workshop I am teaching this Saturday. I have not had time to paint in oils, which is the medium I want to paint my daily works in, but thought I would include this, it has been painted today.

I love oils they are my favourite but watercolour are a close second.... and to be honest this was a dream to paint. I think changing mediums can really benefit your work, this is proof! Painting in oils over the past 2 weeks has loosened up my arm and I guess the discipline has helped too. I found this painting easy, loved the wet on wet techniques and was in a total state of relaxation when painting it. I even chilled over the gold leaf ( which does get everywhere!!). I am pleased with the result and it is now framed and ready to sell, which I think it will, fingers crossed.

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