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Daily Painting #3

It has to be said I love a crow. I have always had a fascination with them, well they do guard the Crown Jewels… a very important job, especially at this time with a coronation imminent!

Being a goth in my youth, always in black.. I was obsessed with it! There seems a mysterious quality to The Crow.. always watching, waiting, and apparently extremely clever!

Plus, who can forget 'The Crow' with Brandon Lee, one of my all time favourite movies and not forgetting The Black Crowes! Top band!

I've always wanted to paint a crow, now I have, alla prima too! Whoop!

I was quite sad when I had finished this painting, I really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow’s image is ready and waiting..

All my 6x6 daily painting are available to buy, I will be adding them to a shop very soon. If you like any in the meantime, just send me a message.

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