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Daily Paintings #14 Foxgloves

I am still painting daily.... although not as much as it's been a busy half term week. I have had 2 workshops and a demo/talk this week, so a busy Em, of which I am not complaining.

I have decided to paint the foxgloves in my front garden, I grew them for this purpose and knew I wanted to paint them in oils. They have grown really tall ! They must love where they are, my front garden tends to get the sun late afternoon, maybe the later sun is a little kinder to them... some are also growing in the back garden, but not as tall.

I've had a few comments from neighbours 'that's beautiful!', delivery men, and tea brought to me by my glamorous assistant Dave. I've only really had a few hours of time to paint out there, but I'm making the most of the time I have and doing it when I can.

The foxgloves are changing, as they wither.... but I think I can mange to put a painting together with the ones that are still growing.

I love how the bee's love them and as I sit and paint I can hear them buzzing in and out of the pink trumpets, I have company with them busy at work too.

Painting outside in the summer is an ultimate pleasure for me, I think it's the best way to paint, especially with the lovely sunshine we are having at the moment. It's also the best way to paint for observation skills, as painting from life far outstrips painting from photo. I've got the bug again and am frantically arranging painting days with my fellow arty friends and some of my students to make sure I can paint in the summer holidays. I would and have painted alone, but sometimes its little intimidating being on my own... I have had a few strange people speak to me over the years in fields and meadows.... not feeling that now I'm older...

I hope to finish this painting soon with not too many sittings, I want to keep the paint fresh and alive and not over paint it...

Summer is coming and more opportunities will be there for this.. I cannot wait! I will post the finished painting, but for now this is daily painting #14.

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