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Daily Painting #9 'Looking At Lowry'

'Looking At Lowry' oil on canvas board daily painting #9.

We have just returned from a visit to Salford for my son’s 21st birthday! as part of our celebrations was a visit to The Lowry Art Gallery which is an amazing place on its own. We were lucky enough to see the Lowry Collection which totally inspired me. His paintings of ‘The matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs’ were brilliant! A master at work describing those days, the worn out depressed people, the factories with the thick black smoke that was killing everyone and the children with no shoes. Salford was a very run down area and times were hard. I have always admired Lowry’s work due to his honesty and description of how it was then.

There were also other works by him which we were surprised by, very accomplished drawings of statues and Adonis. But…. Even though they showed skill, there was no heart in them.

A brilliant artist! Difficult and lonely man but a master of his trade.

He totally inspired my daily painting for today.

In addition to our trip I bought a shelf for my Plein Air easel, it took little working out with modifications but I say it's great to paint on. The easel with today's painting on is my teaching easel too, dare I say the next gadget has to be a clip on brush holder!

Lightweight and easy to put up and down I would recommend this as a starter kit, all from Amazon of course. I am looking to getting a pochade box and tripod eventually... but I must say it's a good substitute for my studio one when out and about. Now I have double trouble in my studio with paintings drying and all the daily paintings I will produce.

'I'm gonna need a bigger boat'

See you tomorrow for my next daily painting.

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