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Daily Painting #8

Well! Who would have thought I could paint that! I really surprised myself today and painted this still life allaprima in oils.

'Roses Still Life' Oil on canvas board is 10 inches x 10 inches and a bit bigger than the 6x6 I paint every day. I do want to paint larger work as well as small pieces and I have had this on the back burner for a few months now. I purchased an online workshop from The Real Atlier, I don't know who she is but it popped up on my feed one day and I looked into her web site. I may add, the video is just her insistently talking about shadows, light and pinks..... of which I had the wrong ones! I quickly ignored her rambling and just painted this in my own way, maybe taking her advice on how to start. As with all the daily paintings I am painting, there is no drawing beforehand. Straight in with the paint and plotting shapes and angles really. I will upload a timelapse video to show how I have been starting the work... While these workshop videos can be helpful they can also be confusing and overwhelming.

I mucked through The Real Atelier's commentary and really enjoyed not over painting! She did have a point about keeping the work painterly and not ending up with a drawing by using too many brushstrokes. Also explaining to leave it when it's done. The beginning of painting is the most important and to keep practicing that. I will bear this in mind.

I have invested in some new brushes both in watercolour and in oils. I have been doing a survey and can say for me Silver Bright brushes are tops!! I am going to defiantly buy more when I can and after buying a couple, I have found how they size their brushes. As Carol Marine says.... each manufacturer tends to size brushes how they want!

This is how I want to paint and how I want to develop my style, this is the start. I am sure to improve and feel just after a week of going through this process I already have.

Old Masters..... eat your heart out Emma G is here and I love and now have an understanding how to paint like them. Allprima! It's all in the plan.

Good painting day today!!! Yay!

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