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Daily Painting #5

Daily Painting #5

Mr. Albert.

Mr. Albert is my friends budgie, he is new to her family and she is smitten with him. He sings all day long, chirping and twittering and is a little character. My friend has only had him a short time and he is already tame, sitting on her hand when he's out of his cage and enjoying flying around the house.

I felt a bit of pressure with this one and maybe that shows..... but I'm quite happy with the painting and really wanted to make a point of not fiddling with the picture by 'just changing this bit and that'. The exercise is to paint every day and so I cannot faff with him tomorrow. As I finished him late in the day the light is poor in the picture, scanning them gives the best result, I may do that once he is dry.

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep..... he is a cutie.

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