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Daily Painting #4

My daily painting today is 'Jack', original title I know, but the titles can be just as hard as the painting! I have uploaded a timelapse of most of how I painted him, next time I will adjust my camera as it is a bit to the side of my easel. Although this video is quick, Jack took me at least 3 hours to paint before I was happy enough with him. I may paint another dog portrait further on with my painting days to see progression... maybe the same dog. My first ever dog though and I'm pleased. Painting every day is great habit to form, and I have to say I am enjoying it very much.

Here he is in all his glory! I don't have an idea what to paint tomorrow.... it may be floral but then again it may be.... .....

that's the exciting bit, waking up and painting something new each day. :)

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