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Daily Painting #20 'To Infinity And Beyond!'

I painted this yesterday, it's not my usual subject matter and we can all recognise the sitter, hopefully.

I decided to paint Buzz Lightyear as a house warming gift for my friend's son, she has had a very busy time recently.

I am currently painting a small commission for her of her pet parrot, she has a couple of birds, one is the budgie which I painted a few months ago in my daily painting series. The other is a beautiful green parrot, which I am really enjoying painting. As I am painting him in oils I am having to wait for it to dry in-between working on it, so I thought I would paint Buzz for her son's new home.

It was really rewarding to paint something completely different to what I normally choose. I had to work in a different palette, that green was hard to replicate! The whole painting comes from the purple background, it's in the black I made, in the greys and whites and in the facial tones. Painting in a palette that is not what I normally choose has been very enjoyable, I love the mauve background and I would think of using it again for tones of grey.

As I painted it I remembered the film 'Toy Story' and how brilliant it is, I can remember my son (who is the same age as my friend's) loving the movie and he had the Buzz and Woody toys. I can remember hearing him play with them both, Buzz protecting galaxies far far away and having Woody the Cowboy by his side, lovely memories to treasure.

My friend has worked really hard on renovating a house for her son, along with her husband and a fleet of workmen (some brilliant and some not so good..) they have pulled the house of the the bag and made it a home.

I hope my little painting will be loved and maybe my friend's son will make some Buzz Lightyear space adventures along the way in his new home.

..........'To Infinity & Beyond'...............

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