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Daily Painting #2

"Love is in the Air', oil on canvas board is my 2nd daily painting and I really enjoyed this one. I can see progression already.... maybe Robin was a little tentative... but these two seem very happy and I am pleased with my painting overall today.

Painting every day is making me set time aside to do it and it's making me think what I actually want to paint.

I do paint and prep every day for my weekly classes, but painting for myself does go on the back burner when I am teaching. I hope I can still maintain some small painting during the week as I carry on with my teaching work after the Easter break.

Already I have found I am looking at shapes more and really getting behind those negative shapes, which are so important with drawing and painting. The background negative shape was crucial in this picture as it makes the connection between the two birds.

I draw with paint to begin, so there is no pencil drawing in any of these paintings, I want to keep them fresh and as I progress become looser in my style, so straight in with the brush!

We have Blue Tits in the garden busy making nests at the mo... We have a bird box but I think they have chosen next doors, which is still as good as we get a full view from the kitchen window of the daily work this pair will be doing over the next month.

#2 is available to buy, I think I'm going to charge £30 for these little paintings, I will be putting them into my online shop very soon, as well as taking some to my fairs.

Well, if I don't there will be a lot of 6x6 oil paintings filling my studio!

On to tomorrow where I already have my image ready to paint.


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