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Daily painting #18 - 'One Summer's Afternoon'

This is my latest painting, painted Plein Air in my garden on Saturday afternoon, as part of my Daily Painting series. I was quite pleased with the outcome and really enjoyed painting in the garden from life. I think this took me about 4 hours to paint... the board size is 10"x12", I just went for it.

After a disaster a few days before with another plein air painting I was determined to learn from the mistakes made and move forward with my technique. I am developing my own style of painting with oils painting in allaprima, trying not to overwork my work and keep my colours clean. I really like allaprima and realise I've probably been painting in this style for years but have not known. Au natural! Self taught, although I have a degree!.... Art is all about self exploration though and having freedom to create and develop anything.

I feel I'm getting there, more plein air for me and keeping my painting time to a minimum.

Giving myself a time limit.

Maybe the back garden will be my next painting........ the feverfew has just blossomed and is prime pickings for a painting.

It's a good job I managed to get most of this painted in one sitting, as we have had rain, storms and downpours- the roses have had it! All droopy and rain trodden... phew...

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