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Daily Painting #17 - Monet

Water Lilies - Garden Paintings

In today's daily painting I am working on prep for my classes tonight and tomorrow. I demo in each class I teach and so I like to practice what I am teaching. My classes are looking at Monet for the next two weeks using modelling paste to create textures. I have chosen Monet as we will be painting 'Plein Air' in a few weeks time at a local park. Monet painted Plein Air all the time, he was renowned for it, so I am breaking my learners in gently and getting them used to looking at painting outside.

The modelling paste is fun and can be an amazing addition to a painting, I am not too sure if Monet actually used it, but he certainly has texture in his paintings, all of them. I love how his paint is mixed freely on the canvas, creating movement in his work.

Painting from an artists work does make me connect with it and the artist. I can see how he has built up layers of paint, of which takes time and a lot of thought, trying to re-create his colours takes longer than I first thought..... as most things do...

A pioneer of the Impressionist Movement, Monet is regarded the best of the best. The beauty in his work is timeless and I hope my students enjoy looking at how he has applied paint, the layering and colour ways.

They will have a finished painting ready to hang at the end of this little project, and more experience in creating an outdoor setting within a painting. Our Plein Air lessons are coming up and as some have painted outside with me in the past, there are some who have never tried it. Where best to start than with a master of his trade.... Monet x

*** Footnote***

I had a disaster with my foxgloves, the painting was in the bin, but now it is retrieved and on my easel. I will try again.. I overworked it and didn't like the composition. I am hoping to get out in my garden this weekend to try again, learning from my mistakes.... fingers crossed.. I going to try again, it happens to us all..... art is thought of as easy, an easy subject, I can assure you it is not, it's hard and the hardest battle is with myself! ...... onwards......

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