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Daily Painting #10 (ish)

I say ish .... as I had a painting yesterday that made it to the bin. I painted it late in the afternoon and in a rush, I felt I had rushed it, over painted it, was still fiddling with it at 9.30pm and thought, let's sleep on it. After looking at it this morning I went about my daily business and started to paint this picture around 2pm this afternoon. Still a little late in the day but I had chores etc.....

Chores.. can mean 'putting it off' it does regularly with my painting. I am always thinking of other stuff that NEEDS doing and putting my painting last. Teaching work, web site updates, social media updates, prep... that sort of thing. After my disaster yesterday I was feeling low in confidence. I made myself do this painting today.

Tone, shadow, highlights, 2 or 3 colours, .. it's all the difficult things about painting but I felt I needed to see and look at these things. I'm not terrifically happy with the result but it's OK. I have learnt, reminded myself to look at light, where is it coming from? How dark can the shadows go? I was not too bothered about the shapes today just painting the tones. This was from a photograph and I think next time I will look at still life. the shadows are hard to see in a photo, so you end up making them up.... I enjoyed working in 3 colours, and will do that again.... Limited palettes are nice to paint from.

I will have bad days, we all do, I don't really want to share those but I am aware of them and the struggle to get something that I am happy with is ever on going....

Ready for tomorrow or the next time I can paint as prep and teaching is starting to be the next priority.

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