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Daily painting #1

I've started reading a book called 'Daily Painting' by Carol Marine. She is an American artist and the founder of daily painting, as we know it.

I found her by accident while watching a YouTube video of an artist I like. Her philosophy is to paint every day ( or nearly) to gain better painting skills, colour mixing, composition and to finish a painting! I'm all for that and now have embarked on her journey.

She posted all her work each day on her blog where she could see progression and all of her work in one place. What a great idea! So here is mine.... I hope to do this too, or most days.

I have painted my first 6x6 oil painting today and just had to pick the Robin as my first. My painting is available to buy, I'm hoping they all will be, I'm also hoping to loosen my style and have a go at painting anything and everything!

I want to paint in oil as it is my preferred medium and I want to get really good at it.

If you are interested in buying "Robin" send a message for details. I do hope to include my daily paintings in my shop, where they will be affordable and available to buy.

#1 done, here's to tomorrow :)

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