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#13 Daily Painting

"Chasing The Light'

Acrylic on canvas-

Something new for me currently this one and I like it, but I have tended to paint landscapes & seascapes in a semi abstract way in the past, with some success. That body of work did sell well, sometimes painting on a smaller scale and mounting three images in a multi frame. I have been thinking of re- visiting this way of working for a while, mainly due to finding some lovely multi frames that I forgot I had.

Today I painted outside, Plein Air, in my garden. We finally had some gorgeous weather and the sun has his hat on! Out came the easel, paints, ...... anything but a paint brush, instead, rollers, inks, pipettes the lot! and here we are. I have been teaching these processes in my classes this week and just had a lot of fun, so I decided to carry on with the theme and I like the result.

I have ideas for more scapes like this, maybe a new way of working... and a process that will help with my oil painting and where I want that to be with that.

I do not regard myself as an abstract artist, I want to apply the paint in a way that captures light, but with realism. However I have enjoyed working this way again and want to explore it more.

Plus, I have passed the #13 mark with my daily paintings, onwards I now go :)

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