Welcome To my New Web Site!

Here we are! My shiny new web site with my address. This is very exciting and I am thrilled with the design and look. As I have built it ( I am not a web site tech person at all!), I have found collating my work and thinking of how I want to be perceived as an artist has been enlightening. I realised that I still love painting and yet my work is mostly textiles. Painting has to be included, its where inspiration all starts and will be part of my repertoire, hence the slight change of name.

Using my own site and not a free one, opens more opportunities to showcase what I do. I have streamlined a lot of pages and kept in what I feel is relevant and exciting to read. My blog page is where all events will be posted along with updates on my thoughts and practise.

You can comment too, I would love to hear your views and I welcome any interaction on my blog.

How to buy my work is paramount. We are changing how we shop due to the pandemic. I have produced a clear concise shop with large images to entice you to take a look and buy. There are options for postage and payment and I have included different photo angles on my work to show it as much as possible.

I love the feature of being able to book a workshop directly on the site. In fact this was one of the deciding factors of using WIX to build my site, of which I am impressed.

Enjoy. Take a look around, tell me if there are typos! (we miss them sometimes), comment if you like, send an email about a commission, have a mooch in the shop.

Browse the art, I hope my passion for colour and texture transfers to you the viewer and you connect with my pieces. Enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

This is me.

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