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10 weeks of Summer - Daily Painting #19

I am now on holiday from my art class teaching for the summer (10 weeks to be exact).

I am very lucky to have a job I love and to be able to then enjoy time to sharpen and practise my painting skills, its a win win situation and as I am at the start of my holiday..... I have it all to come.

Being a professional artist, I proudly gained a degree - which was hard work, contrary to what some may think. I studied for 5 years P/T while working full time at Severn Trent in the laboratories testing water. A lot happened at this time, but all through it I still painted and managed to get my degree, of which I am very proud. As I have reached middle age I have re assessed, like a lot of people, what is important in life, to me art is, so it is now my profession. When I say, 10 weeks holiday, I mean 10 weeks to practice my craft and produce some new work to sell, I class this as work.

I keep to a routine of painting in my studio every day, weekends too. I do stop to have breaks, see friends, go out for the day with my beau and my boy, the usual things, but I am self motivated and work to a structure. If I don't I procrastinate and get nothing done apart from washing, cleaning and hoovering! So, I have learnt to treat each day as a working day and work in my studio at least 9-5.

On to todays painting....

One of my favourite painters at the moment is Haidee- Jo Summers, she is an oil painter and I love her use of light and application of paint. She paints Plein air and is currently showing at Patchings Art Festival, she worth a look at online or in person.

The first thing I want to practice with my time is painting Plein air, I want to hone in my skills and be confident blocking in paint while painting outside. Using the correct tones to then finish a painting in one sitting and to look at details, but not a lot of details, as I am a loose painter and prefer an impressionistic style.

I have a couple of Haddie's books and so decided to paint this exercise which is in one of them. I painted it in about 3 hours and its A4, a perfect for size and timing for Plein air!

I did find it quite easy, I loved blocking in shapes and by following her painting it helped me to let go of detail. I am quite pleased with the painting, but now I'm frustrated as I cannot really sell it, maybe in time I will as a studio demo, making sure I reference her image and name. Although I am looking to practise at this time and not really thinking of creating work for sale, initially.

We all have to practice, we all need to grow and improve, the more I know the better my work becomes, the more I can share with my learners.

It's great having this time, I am blessed, I will miss my learners, I do like a chat..... it has been known :)

With this in mind I have a few painting days arranged with friends over the summer, I've arranged a Plein air day with all my learners and have lovely days out and holiday to look forward to.

I am lucky, I have worked for this though, and continue to.....

Daily Painting #19 is a working demo with the title 'Garden Corner' oil on canvas, reference Haidde - Jo Summers.

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